g/arc works on many different kinds of projects- from entire buildings to one-off pieces of furniture. Our approach is simple : we focus on providing value to our clients in every facet of our work- consulting, building and maintaining.


we understand and respect design intent- and we strive to articulate each project beautifully, efficiently  and cost effectively.


we believe the best value results from employing the best processes- and best processes result from an ongoing focus on what works and what doesn’t-  based on careful analysis of real projects.

we believe strongly in the inverse relationship between planning and doing- the more time spent on the former, the less time ( and money ) spent on the latter.

controlling process is the key to controlling outcomes- and the unique blend of analogue and digital tools we use allows us to maximize process control while keeping clients informed in real time.


every project has unique challenges, but the critical path for most follows a strikingly similar trajectory- which allows us to anticipate and solve  problems we know are coming.

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